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Pattern Order

Custom shirts (men's & women's)

Unreplaceable fit and satisfaction

Ready-made shirts wearing daily life are supposed to be exquisite. In NARAYAMA, shirts are made using clients’ personal patterns therefore we provide the perfect suit and shirt combination. Personalized your purchase down to the very last detail so you get the exact garment you want.
The price starts at ¥8,000.



Standard style for business, dressy British style and Italian classic. Discover the most suitable style.


Regular collar, wide-spread collar, button-down collar, high collar…different collars give you different wearing style.


Ideally, at least half an inch (1 cm) of the shirt cuffs should show from suits’ cuffs. Wearing your sleeves on the correct length also shows that you are wearing a suit tailored to your sizes and not some suit in somebody else’s size.
We craft this “Golden 1cm zone”, regardless of formal double cuff or single cuff.


Regular button, whitelip shell button, or thick button are here for you to choose from. Stitch and the color combinations are also a great additive to your appearance.


Materials with different touch、color and pattern like broadcloth, oxford, dobby are here for selection. You can choose silky sea-island cotton as well.